"Metal Bird feels blissfully unmoored from any sense of time and space, its astral Americana hymns hovering somewhere between the dirt and the stars, between a bygone golden age and our tense present, between raw intimacy and dreamlike splendor."

-Stuart Berman, Pitchfork

"For as long as she can remember, Eve Adams has been drawn to the darkness on the edge of town. In her tender torch songs and fatalistic folk-noir ballads, the singer-songwriter inhabits an intoxicating twilight zone of romantic ruin and dreamy despair."

-Stephan Dalton, Uncut

"The dreamlike saxophone refrains on ‘You’re Not Wrong’ and ‘Woman on Your Mind’ paint Cloghesy and Adams as a modern-day Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise. Metal Bird is Eve Adams’ quiet, but never complacent meditation. Like the artwork: an edgy polaroid that observes a Metal Bird above, we hear these stories transported from miles away."

-Sean Taylor, Opinion Police

"This is one for long January nights..mood music for moments of solitude, best experienced without distraction."

-Will Hodgkinson, The Times

"We're used to thinking of Californian singer-songwriter tunes as perennially sun-kissed music. Eve Adams' new album Metal Bird leads us elsewhere, towards smokier depths."

-Camilla Aisa, Shindig

"It's as if Adams starts out the album as a singer-songwriter but eventually transforms into a dub sorceress, and that shift from the clear and direct to the gaseous and suggestive over the course of this ravishing record both evanesces and accentuates her intriguing presence."

-Neil Kulkarni, The Wire

"The 11 songs on In Hell are noir-ish tales of love gone wrong: set against a backdrop of blown out but nostalgic Americana, Eve Adams tells stories of dark domestic dramas unfolding behind closed doors. [...] Moments of guitar devolve into noise and found sounds bubble to the surface, emphasizing the record’s ever-present sense of dread.[...] Really, "In Hell" is equal parts violence and romance. These are pretty songs made for ugly feelings."

-Joe Rihn, L.A.Record